The gentle medicine

The Science of a holistic life

Ayurveda means “the science of a holistic life” and has been practiced by doctors in India for thousands of years. It follows that this medical system has gained an enormous amount of experience in the treatment of chronic diseases. However, great emphasis is also place on disease prevention and the imparting of the knowledge of self-healing.
The fascinating thing about Ayurveda is its holistic approach that, in a multitude of ways, actively contributes to both inner and outer equilibrium. The Ayurvedic therapy offered in our Centre places special emphasis on this aspect as well.
In particular, the Panchakarma treatment with its elimination of fat-soluble toxins and waste products, can strengthen the immune system, activate the self-healing powers and lead to inner regeneration, harmony and vitality.



Santulan Ayurveda is the traditional, holistic Ayurveda adapted by Shriguru Balaji També to suit the needs of today. The word Santulan means balance and that’s what it’s about: balance on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual.
In this regard, Mr. També, has created recipes for over 400 new medicines. Because of the environmental pollution prevalent today, some herbs have become less effective and must, therefore, be administered in higher doses. Mr. També sees Panchakarma as the purification of the five elements. In the purification of air and space, music and meditation play an important role along with the other, more well-known methods.
For further information, please see Dr. Tambe’s book: „Communication with the Self: the SOM Programme“.


Less is more

Our therapies are administered with oils that have undergone a lengthy and complicated production phase. This entails purification of the oils over fire for up to 6 days after which they are enriched by the addition of approximately 40 different herbs to achieve an optimum effect.
These herbs need time to unfold their deeper effect in the body and for this reason, we usually only administer one treatment per day. However, there may be exceptions on certain days where special treatments are applied.


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