Panchakarma Therapy

What you can expect…

Our Panchakarma therapy can be effective in the treatment of almost all chronic diseases. If you are fit and healthy, it will help you to stay that way.
The classic Ayurveda healing therapy is Panchakarma, an intensive cleansing and rejuvenation treatment by which the body can be freed from years of deposits and toxins. This intensive cleansing also paves the way for the further treatment of chronic diseases.
In this way, the immune system is strengthened and the internal batteries recharged and it is for this reason that Panchakarma treatment is recommended for all types of exhaustion or burnout.

Areas of treatment

  • Burnout
  • Psychosomatic and vegetative disturbances
  • Digestive disorders
  • Cardiovascular ailments
  • Rheumatic complaints
  • Female complaints
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Weight problems

Since we are not a hospital, we unfortunately cannot admit patients suffering from acute illnesses. At present, we are also not equipped to accept patients who require nursing.

The treatment includes

  • Oil massages and steam baths
  • Special Ayurvedic therapies
  • Ayurvedic-vegetarian cuisine
  • Yoga, breathing and relaxation exercises as well as meditation and music therapy
  • Individual health and nutritional consulting
  • Lectures and question/answer sessions on the subject of Ayurveda


You can contribute immensely to the optimal efficacy of the treatment by implementing a simple diet at home one week before your arrival. We recommend eating only small portions of easily digestible food (vegetable soups for example).
The final meal of the day should be taken before 9 p.m.


Since 1994 we have been working in strict adherence to the principles of traditional authentic Ayurveda. The core of our Ayurvedic treatment is the so-called Santulan-Panchakarma, an intensive rejuvenation and rest cure during which a thorough cleansing to rid the body of accumulated toxins and deposits is carried out. This forms the basis for the effective treatment of many chronic diseases.

On the day your arrival we will conduct a medical interview using your medical history questionnaire as a basis. The detailed planning of the treatment can then follow. A central part of the treatment is the thorough cleansing of the organism and the removal of fat-soluble deposits with the help of clarified butter.

For this purpose, purified, medically prepared butter (“Ghee”) is ingested in the morning for three consecutive days. This helps deposits to detach from the cell walls and stimulates the cells to eliminate toxins. One can compare this process to the removal of tar stains from clothing using butter or fat; Since tar is only soluble in fat, water does not help here.

Steam baths and massage

To optimise the purification process, steam baths and massages are administered before and after the “Ghee days”, so that the deposits are softened and mobilized even more intensively.

Full Body Oil massage
A soothing and extremely relaxing massage with sesame or coconut oil. These massages stimulate the circulation and encourage the release of toxins that are trapped in hardened connective and muscle tissues.

Steam baths
After the body is completely oiled with sesame oil, the guest sits or lies in a steam bath with the head remaining outside of the structure. According to Ayurveda, the head must be protected from overheating and is therefore not subjected to the effects of the steam. The sweating induced by steam baths encourages the elimination of further deposits.

Kundalini Massage
This is a very effective back massage and spinal acupressure with an especially designed sesame oil.

After completion of these preparations, the purging procedure can begin:

Virechan“, a herbal drink with a laxative effect is administered to initiate a thorough cleansing of the digestive tract. The deposits previously released with the ghee and transported to the intestine are now eliminated.

Virechan is followed by so-called Bastis, which are treatments with medicated oil or ghee. Especially important here is the enema basti which contributes to the optimal restoration and rejuvenation of the intestinal tract.

Other important components of this holistic therapy are breath, body and relaxation exercises, lectures and group discussions, as well as music therapy and meditation.

Special Therapies

In conjunction with the 14-day rejuvenating cure, various special treatments can be added to specifically address various ailments and chronic illnesses. These include:

Eye Basti
Here the eyes are completely covered with oil for at least 20 minutes. This therapy improves the eyesight and helps in the treatment of various eye diseases. Harmonizes Pitta.

Ear Basti
Helpful in the treatment of various ear ailments, including tinnitus.

Nasal Basti
For the treatment of discomfort in the nasal and sinus area. It also helps harmonize Kapha.

A fine stream of oil is administered to the forehead; useful in the treatment migraine, paralysis and stroke. Shirodhara also balances Vata.

With the help of a “funnel”, a column of herbal oil is built up on the head. This complex therapy can help in severe cases of migraine, insomnia and Parkinson’s Disease.

Rice massage
Bags containing boiled rice treated with various medicinal herbs are used in this special massage technique. The bags are heated repeatedly during the course of the massage. This treatment is administered, for example, in cases of muscular paralysis.

Heart Basti
This therapy comprises the external treatment with medicated butter of the region around the heart and assists in the reduction of coronary sclerosis.

Treatment of the joints
In cases of joint pain, the affected area is treated with hot oil and herbal sachets.

Smoke Therapy
A special herbal incense mixture is used in the treatment of gynecological ailments, e.g. Inflammation of the vaginal area and bladder infections as well as hemorrhoids.

Parallel program

The entire therapy program is accompanied by various lectures on general health prophylaxis and numerous practical tips for deepening the healing effects of the treatment. We also provide you with a basic understanding of the three constitutional types Vata, Pitta and Kapha, as far as this is helpful in your everyday life.

Your Panchakarma treatment ends with a comprehensive individual consultation.


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