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In the northeastern part of Baden-Württemberg, the Hohenlohe, lies the wine-growing region of Pfedelbach and it is there, in the part of Pfedelbach known as Gleichen, that our Center opened its doors in 1994.
This makes us one of the oldest Ayurvedic Centers in Europe.
In the ensuing years, we have treated numerous patients and gained an enormous amount of experience in traditional Ayurvedic treatment.

The first letters of our name are taken from the Sanskrit syllable AUM (pronounced Om) which, in India, is regarded as the divine essence from which all of creation derives. In relation to our Center, the syllable “AUM” symbolises holistic healing.

The design and renovation of the AUM- Healing Center was carried out in strict adherence to the principles of “Vastu”, an ancient system of spiritual architecture similar to the Chinese Feng Shui. This created a postive energy field with an especially peaceful atmosphere which can be sensed as soon as one enters the Center.

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Location & Surroundings

Our AUM-Healing Center is situated on the edge of the Hohenlohe. Nestled among the beautiful rolling Waldenburg hills and surrounded by expansive mixed forests, meadows, orchards and small lakes it is the most idyllic location.

We are also very close to the upper Germanic-Raetitian Limes, which was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005.
Just a short walk away there is a wonderful panoramic lookout point and the entire area is ideal for hiking or cycling. Hiking maps and bikes are readily available at the Center.

We recommend that you do not use your car during your course of treatment. However, if you are interested in taking small excursions, the surrounding area boasts a number of castles belonging to the princely Hohenlohe families. The romantic timbered inner cities of Öhringen and Schwäbisch Hall as well as the river valleys of Kocher and Jagst are well worth a visit as well.



Aum Healing Center offers a total of 20 rooms divided between 3 houses, each room having its own shower and WC. In addition, there is a large dining room, a meditation room, a light-filled seminar and yoga area, a cosy library and a boutique well-stocked with a variety of Ayurvedic products.

Free private parking is available at the front door.

The dining room is a place of community living and meals are taken as silently as possible with emphasis placed on mindfulness.

The meditation room with its Aum altar builds the central energy nucleus of our Center. It is here that this energy at its most perceptible and this energy enhances and enriches our evening meditation.

The spacious and airy Seminar/Yoga room measures almost 1100 square feet. Its winter-garden character and view of our park-like grounds makes it a bright and friendly place to start the day with yoga. In the evenings we meet here for lectures as well as question/answer sessions.

In our library you can browse through several thousand books and various games. There is a laptop with Internet access, as well as a television for the occasional movie evening.

Our boutique offers numerous Ayurvedic products such as oils, nutritional and food supplements, incense, music CDs and various books. A friendly and competent member of staff is always on hand to offer advice and answer any questions you may have.

Our multi-faceted “Spa Garden” with its pavilion, koi and goldfish pond, secluded niches, benches, deck chairs, swings and sitting areas is a peaceful oasis, inviting one to linger and relax.



AUM Healing Center offers 2 comfortable two-room apartments with patios, one garden room with a patio, 3 double rooms, 12 single rooms and 2 basic single rooms which have bathrooms located in the hallway.

Amenities: In addition to bed linen and towels, each room is equipped with a bathrobe, hair dryer, kettle and a selection of herbal teas. Each bathroom has a shower.
It is our aim to provide you with a framework which will allow you forget your everyday worries as much as possible. Diversions are kept to a minimum, encouraging you to concentrate on the ongoing healing process and for this reason the rooms have no radio or television. However, each room is provided with a house telephone for internal communication.

Please note…

In order to maintain the homely atmosphere, we would ask that you remove your street shoes and wear slippers after entering the Center.

We place great importance on keeping the entire area smoke-free. The consumption of alcohol and drugs is also prohibited.

Since some of our patients suffer from animal hair allergies, we regret that it is not possible to bring any pets.

In our library you will find a laptop with Internet access. To keep the rooms free of Wi-Fi, this is only available in the reception area.


Do you have any questions, requests or suggestions?

Then please call us, Monday to Friday, 09.00 to 12.00 o´clock!
Telephone: +49 7949 - 590

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