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I have been on many journeys and holidays. However, the stay here was simply wonderful and certainly belongs to my Top 5 holidays over the past 40 years.

Rainer Frenzel

First things first: up until now (10 months after completing her treatment) my wife has not needed to take any more blood pressure medication! The narrowing of her carotid artery has decreased significantly.
Your final report predicted that my sugar levels would normalize following the treatment. The week before last (end of February 2017= 8 months after Panchakarma) my nephrologist informed me that my currently measured long-term sugar level of 5.2 no longer indicates diabetes!

We enjoyed the 3 weeks with you! Nothing posh, no swanky spa atmosphere. The cleansing treatment was intensive and successful! The therapies and the walks in the beautiful landscape of the surroundings were wonderful! We slept more and better than ever! The hour of yoga before breakfast prepared us for the day; the hour of meditation/music therapy before dinner although new to us was calming and very restful.
The diet, initially unfamiliar, tasted better each day!
A particularly pleasant aspect of our stay: because of our similar goals, it was easy to establish a friendly and interesting rapport with other patients.

Roswitha Schmitz-Möllering and Rainer Möllering

…every corner of the AUM Healing Centre radiates such a beautiful aura of calm and serenity that it is a pleasure to be here…

Nandini Mitra (Vox-Presenter)

For us, this was the best discovery of all in recent years…

Michael Ballhaus (Director of Photography)

It was the best course of treatment – gentle yet intense, informative and instructive, stimulating, course-setting in many ways, and definitely the most light-heartedl!

Gerald Rollett

There couldn’t have been a better place for me to get well. The team has shown us that Ayurveda can be lived everyday with joy.

Christine Veit

…What impressed me most from the first minute on was the spirit that reigns in this house. It is a place of peace, silence, harmony, serenity, cheerfulness, a centre of energy…

Werner Glück

…Nowhere else have I experienced such natural, loving and attentive care…

Renate Dörner

…Everything, really everything we had the privilege to experience here was optimal. We would like to say a big thank you to the AUM team for their loving support.

Annemarie and Klaus Helfrich

I would never have thought it possible to recuperate so deeply in only 2 weeks…

Antje Kuby

I would like to thank you for my regained well-being, for the excellent structure of the treatment and for the community experience in this holistic “House of Health”, not at all like the spas or hospitals one is accustomed to.

Paul Hostettler

Thoughts collected, aura brightened, breathing learned, diet understood, acid reduced, waist trimmed, mood raised, conversations, conversations, new esoteric perspectives, many clever people met, new contexts understood, courage to continue.
What more could I ask for? Thank you so much for making all this possible.

Gundel Schnocks

We thank the entire team for the care and the friendly and balanced atmosphere and treatment, all the more noticeable because we often so miss them in life.

Ingrid and Horst Gust

Dear AUM Centre we thank you! We would have liked to have stayed here even longer. Not only did we learn a lot of new things, but especially the love we experienced during the treatment did us good. Everyone in the team radiates pure joy and love. In the morning, starting the day with yoga gives one an idea that something beautiful is to come. The food was unusual for us in the beginning, but by the halfway point it was wonderful. The location of the house, the paths, the forest with the lily pond provided the perfect setting. We found peace and relaxation here and we thank you all. God bless you.

Renate and Gerhard Maier


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