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The team of Aum Healing Center is pleased to welcome you to our home page and let you know what awaits you if you decide to spend a health holiday here with us.

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing through our website and if you have any questions, just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Leave the cares of the world behind!

Here you can find everything that does body, soul and spirit good. A comprehensive offer, for non-residents as well, a lovingly and well-appointed boutique and much more information are at your disposal.

Dr. Shriguru Balaji També

Patron of our center and wellknown ayurvedic pioneer.

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What our guests say...

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, so please read some reviews from some of our guests below. You will find more in our guestbook.

  • Simply great: the cooking class

    Right from the beginning I asked myself, how to cook at home in the way, they do it here. It was on saturday, when the cooking class took place. It was so great and saved me completely. (Beatrice Richter)

  • Panchakarma therapy & retreat

    I came for a Panchakarma therapy. I never dreamed that it was a wonderful mini-retreat too. I left the cares of the world behind me. No smartphone, no computer, no stress. Instead of this pure relaxation, wonderful people, professional team. Great job, thank you so much!
    (Frank Obels)