Daily routine

7.30 am Breathing and yoga exercises (not on Sunday)
8.30 am Breakfast
Midmorning Treatment or leisure time
12.30 pm Lunch
Afternoon Treatment or leisure time
17.00 pm Tea with a light snack
17.45 pm Lecture or question/answer session
19.00 pm Music therapy and Meditation
20.00 pm Dinner
Evening Leisure time


Breathing and yoga exercises

These highly effective exercises are simple to learn and can easily be practiced at home after the cure. The flexibility of the body, as well as the vitality and inner balance, is hereby significantly increased.
We recommend that you bring light clothes for the morning exercise sessions. Blankets and yoga mats are provided for your use.


Lectures and question/answer sessions

In these sessions, any questions which may crop up during the cure and be addressed, or experiences exchanged. You will also receive many individual hints as to what you can do at home to maintain your health and deepen the success of your treatment.


Music Therapy and Meditation

Music therapy plays a crucial role as an integral part of holistic Ayurveda treatment. The healing effect of music has long been recognised and, as a “heart to heart” language, it can reach anyone, no matter what language one speaks or to which culture one belongs. The Indian music raga system has proven itself to be a particularly effective therapy. Ragas are melodies that follow a certain pattern and there are ragas that fit the qualities of the different times of the day and which can evoke very distinctive feelings and have a direct healing effect on various diseases.
Meditation is an ancient method to increase the life energies and to strengthen the inner balance. The method used here was developed by Mr. També in Atmasantulana Village. As well as deepening relaxation, it is implemented as a healing medium as an integral part of the therapeutic process.


Leisure time

Situated just next to the forest, our park-like garden with its gazebo, koi and goldfish pond, various hidden benches, deckchairs, swings and sitting areas invites you to linger and relax. There is also an area for playing Boule or Boccia.

In our library you can browse through several thousand books and find various games.
There is a laptop with internet access for your use, as well as a TV for our occasional movie evenings.

Our healing centre is surrounded by forests, fields and meadows, orchards, vineyards and small lakes and hiking maps and bicycles are available for those who want to go exploring. We recommend that you do not use your car during your course of treatment. However, if you are interested in going on an outing, the area is rich with castles belonging ​​the princely families of Hohenlohe. The romantic half-timbered inner cities of Öhringen and Schwäbisch Hall and the river valleys of Kocher and Jagst are also well worth a visit.


Cooking classes

Every two to three weeks, cooking classes are held in the dining room by one of our Center’s cooking experts. In this setting, you can learn to perfectly prepare various Ayurvedic dishes, for example, chai tea, chapatis or Ayurvedic ghee which can then be easily introduced into your own kitchen at home.


Do you have any questions, requests or suggestions?

Then please call us, Monday to Friday, 09.00 to 12.00 o´clock!
Telephone: +49 7949 - 590

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