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On this page we have put together some basic information regarding the support possibilities that we see during your Ayurvedic therapy.

Quantum physics, yoga, meditation

The world view of quantum physics is based on the fact that all matter has emerged from energy and consciousness. This is also the starting point of yoga and Ayurveda. Here, ancient Indian wisdom and modern science come together. Matter consists not only of matter but of vibrations. Everything resonates, is interconnected and exchanges information. This occurrence can be controlled by our consciousness meaning that meditation, yoga and music can have a huge influence here. (For details see: Der Quantencode by Dr. Lothar Hollerbach, only in German)


Meditation and Music Therapy

Meditation is a way to find a direct path to oneself, to help develop one’s positivity and eliminate the negative. This is of inestimable help on the road to a happy and contented life. The meditation technique practiced in our Centre includes meditative and music therapy elements which were integrated by Mr. També into his Ayurveda treatment program.
In addition to deepening relaxation, this technique works in the true sense of meditation. It establishes a connection to the Self, giving us the feeling of coming home and the experience of a state of love, inner peace and happiness within us. (s. article or the book: “Communication with the Self – the SOM Programme”.


AUM Meditation

For millennia, musical sounds have been used in India to bring about not only relaxation but healing as well.

The human voice plays an important role in meditative music. The texts are mostly written in Sanskrit which is considered to be the original source of all language and ​​from which all other languages ​​are said to have developed. Sanskrit consists of 34 different basic sounds, just as our spine is made up of 34 different vertebrae. It has now been found that every basic Sanskrit sound, when spoken or sung, causes a certain vertebra to vibrate.

A song therefore creates a very specific vibration pattern on our spine, stimulating certain vertebrae while not affecting others. The spine is connected to all energy meridians in the body. The art of developing music therapy has been to design a text that produces a very specific vibration pattern in the body through the vibration of the vertebrae and to thereby lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system or the aura. Many mantras work directly on different areas of the brain to stimulate them for specific tasks or to bring them into balance. This also means that one only has to hear or sing the text to experience the effect; it is not important to understand the words
The melody and the interplay of various instruments refine the healing effect of meditation music.

There is, however, one single sound that has the ability to make all 34 vertebrae vibrate at the same time, thus bringing about a particularly intense feeling of relaxation. This sound is Aum. It is often written as “om” in yoga books, as that it what it sounds like. The syllable Aum, however, is written in Sanskrit with three letters, A stands for creativity, U ensures the preservation of that which is created and M symbolizes the power of transformation, of constant change. Singing, humming or simply listening to this sound is therefore an integral part of our one-hour music therapy and meditation at 7 p.m. each evening.


SKY – Santulan Kriya Yoga

Santulan Kriya Yoga includes a yoga program which provides maximum benefits for body, mind and soul with minimal effort. These exercises balance the entire hormonal system, promote good digestion and physical elasticity, help all organs to function optimally and bring synchronicity and harmonious functioning to the various areas of the brain. They also increase physical stamina, deepen the breathing and provide optimal mental balance as well as strengthening the immune system and increasing the energy of the lungs.


Vastu Shastra

This is the Indian variant of the Chinese Feng Shui. Rooms designed according to Vastu Shastra ensure that our residents benefit particularly from a strong positive force field. The design of the gardens and all the houses, as well as the entire interior of our Centre was carried out under strict observance of this teaching.
Many of our visitors immediately feel this special energy as soon as they enter the house.



Astrology and Ayurveda complement each other extremely well and our evening meditation is adapted to the different energies prevailing on the various weekdays. As well as advising our guests not to start their course of therapy at new moon, we take care to adapt our daily routine to certain astrological events, for example solar and lunar eclipses.


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