Shriguru Balaji També

Our Patron

Shriguru Balaji També is a spiritual master and one of the most renowned Ayurvedic doctors worldwide. He also enjoys an excellent reputation as an expert in yoga and music therapy.
Mr. Tambe is patron and co-founder of the Santulan AUM-Kurzentrum and advises us in all Ayurveda-related matters.

For over 30 years Mr. També has been the inspiration and head of Atmasantulana Village, the largest Ayurvedic Healing Center in India. Here people live, study and work according to the principles of the ancient Vedas or rather, the knowledge of holistic health handed down in them. At Expo 2000, Mr També’s concept of the Vedic Community was chosen as the ideal project for the new millennium in the area of health. Atmasantulana Village is also known for the creation of top-quality Ayurvedic products.
Mr. També has written various books on Ayurveda, yoga and meditation and developed the SKY yoga system and the SOM meditation technique. In Europe, he is well-known through his numerous concerts under the motto “Healing sounds from India”. He has released over 30 different music albums.

All products can be found in the Santulan shop.
We also arrange therapy and study visits to Atmasantulana Village.


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